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Before any major Tree Surgery takes place we might recommend that together, we find out more about your trees. Sick trees or trees with Tree Protection Orders (TPO's) placed on them will more than likely require more investigation. 


Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure the safety of people on their properties and whom trees could effect. Periodic inspections limit liability fulfilling the duty of care providing a systematic and consistent evaluation providing an accurate external assessment of the health and safety of trees. They also provide information on the number, type and age of your trees providing important data to allow for future budgeting.


Trees will sometimes require a more detailed inspection of their internal integrity where the external evidence suggests there may be a weakness.  This may be the presence of fungi, weak branch unions and forks or anomalies in the regular shape of the tree, such as swellings.  We are able to provide internal inspections and reports with the aid of the IML resitograph which can provide a visible reading of the integrity of the tree and guide management recommendations.


Ahead of any work we are asked to carry out on building sites, it is vital that BS5837 Survey, Impact assessments and method statements are carried out to comply with planning.  We can help you with this

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