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There are many advantages to having a wildflower meadow, and one of them is the array of wildlife that will be drawn to it for you to enjoy.  It will also enhance the existing biodiversity of any given site which in turn will support a host of birds, mammals, insects and invertebrates further increasing the biodiversity of the surrounding area.

Improving biodiversity in landscaping projects is a key objective for many customers and specifiers. Regulations such as BREAAM and The Code for Sustainable Homes are driving demand for wild flower landscapes. Wild flower areas provide essential environments for pollinators such as honeybees. Wild flower landscapes offer twice the carbon storage capabilties, compared to most woodland, according to The Grassland Trust.


ANB GROUNDCARE install tens of thousands of square metres of lawn turf each year so what better way to complement this service than offering an add-on of your very own Wildflower Meadow. Even a small piece of wildflower meadow installed as a border or backdrop to a manicured lawn can be extremely attractive because it provides a stark contrast between the formal and informal.


ANB GROUNDCARE is an approved supplier and installer of Wildflower Turf and Wildflower Earth™. Wildflower Turf can create an instant wildflower area.  The failure rate of trying to establish a seeded wild flower area is very high and it can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. Therefore,Wildflower Turf or Wildflower Earth™ is a great alternative. Wildflower turf is made up of 34 UK native wildflowers and grasses, with a minimum of 50% wildflowers. Under-planting of Spring or Autumn bulbs can also extend the flowering season.

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