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Site & Land Clearance


Once all necessary permissions have been sought, we provide site and land clearance services,  including the removal of extra large trees and stumps.

With a commitment to excellence, we utilize a wide range of machinery, including tracked chippers, dumpers, tree shears, and timber grabs, to handle and remove any size of timber and volumes of wood-chip efficiently. Our skilled team ensures that your site is left pristine, with all debris cleared away to provide a clean canvas for future endeavors.

Whether you have a large-scale development project or a smaller land clearance task, ANB Groundcare has the expertise and equipment to get the job done effectively. For larger areas, we employ a large mulcher to mulch vegetation, leaving the site clean and tidy with waste mulched up to 6 inches below ground level. For smaller clearances, our range of stump grinders and chippers ensures thorough removal and cleanup, with stumps ground out up to 15 inches.


we're committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. All hardwood from our land and site clearance work is recycled into firewood and sold directly to consumers through our sister company, 'ANB Firewood.' Additionally, we recycle green waste to be used as mulch on flower beds or composted for later use, contributing to the enhancement of nutrient-rich soil in landscaping projects.

Choose ANB Groundcare for your site and land clearance needs and experience unmatched expertise, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can help bring your vision to life.