The Complete Solution for Domestic & Commercial Clients
We can supply and sew a large variety of grass seed from shady mixes through to woodland mixes to formal lawns and sports fields. The process involved for preparing a seed bed for lawn seed is exactly the same as we would do for supplying and installing turf.  The only difference is we are putting seed down at a minimum of 35 grams per square metre.  The main reason for choosing this method rather opposed turf is cost but the disadvantage of using seed is you will need at least 6 - 8 weeks to have any decent cover of grass opposed to instant turf.


The machinery we use to apply grass seed is a Blec CP42 Cultipack.  This is a precision lawn seeder, enabling grass seed to be put on at exactly the right amount with a 95% germination rate. the other machine we have is a compact tractor mounted lawn seeder.  This again is a precision drill, ensuring no wind drift, overspread or grass seed contaminating areas such as sewing close to a wild flower meadow.  The natural operation of these machines ensures the ground is consolidated as the seed is put in. 


Typically larger areas are best for our seed machines but we can seed smaller areas if budget is important or you are happy to watch your seeds grow.