The Complete Solution for Domestic & Commercial Clients

Having the right size, variety, colour of plants and shrubs can completely transform the look and feel of your property.  We can help and advise with annual, perenial and seasonal planting as well as the ongoing maintenance to suit the surroundings and local environment.


If you are working with Landscape designers, project managers or landscape architects, our experienced staff are able to follow detailed plans, designs and direction to leave you with a scheme exactly as you imagined.


Having the right equipment and operatives is key to handling plants and shrubs from supplier to final planting site.  Whether it be trays of 2 litre plants or single 8ft high rootball rhododenrum, we have the experience and capability to move any size of plant or shrub to its location. We can also offer ground anchoring and watering systems for larger plants.  


Where possible all our plants and shrubs are sourced from local UK growers.  However for larger and more specimen variety we used carefully selected nurseries in Holland, Germany and Italy.